GORGEOUS 1/4 Scale model RC Of The Jet F-16 Flies In The Sky BETTER THAN a REAL ONE!

General Dynamics F-16 “Fighting Falcon” is an American multifunctional lightweight fighter of fourth generation, developed by General Dynamics (now part of Lockheed Martin).

F-16, due to its flexibility and relatively low cost, is the most popular fighter of fourth generation (in June 2014 were built more than 4,540 aircrafts) and has enjoyed success on the international arms market, being in service with 25 countries. The last of the 2231 F-16s for the US Air Force have been transferred to the customer in 2005. The upgraded F-16 will be produced for export at least until mid-2017.

Some ordinary citizens may not have the real F-16, but their RC models are just as good as the real ones. Here is the maiden flight of one of these beautiful RC planes. The guys behind the camera did some amazing shots and even captured the epic moments of the takeoff. Watching the F-16 soaring into the sky, it’s hard to differ it from an actual General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. Enjoy the show friends 🙂

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2 thoughts on “GORGEOUS 1/4 Scale model RC Of The Jet F-16 Flies In The Sky BETTER THAN a REAL ONE!

  1. John Kinnane

    Great model but the video was poorly shot, badly edited and doesn’t deserve your rave comments.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Thanks for your opinion John.

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