Grand Canyon Airlines `39 Pontiac Woodie Restored

`39 Pontiac Woodie

Grand Canyon Airlines lays among the oldest US air tour companies. Since 1927, it has been cherishing an image of a refined, high-standard company.

It offers tours to a wide range of destinations considered to be American natural treasures, such as the Rainbow natural Bridge, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and many other American eye-popping places.

What is most exciting about these tours is the ferrying of passengers to the very final destination. Even more exciting are the cars used for transportations. Here we do not speak about modern-day cars, but rather classic among which are the Tri-Motor and the amazing `39 Pontiac Woodie.

However, the staff at the Airlines has not paid attention to this Woodie for a long period of time. Worst of all, this classic have not been in use for years. The car seems to be stored in a garage. Fortunately, the garage misery days of the Pontias have finally come to an end. The `39 Woodie is going to be transported to Arizona to go through a thorough restoration process.

The company definitely does not give up so easily from its fame.


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