A Guide to Buying a Custom Car Plate

Having a personalized plate for your car is one of the best things because you get the chance of making it unique. Having a personalized license plate allows you to make your car your own because you get to choose the registration number.

Below is a complete guide that is going to help in answering some questions you might be having about the process of getting a personalized plate.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Personalized Plate?

According to New Reg the cost of the plate is going to depend on the numbers you want. The more desirable plates tend to be more expensive. You can get it for as low as £59, although it is a good idea to play around with the ideas so you can get the best one for your budget. Keep in mind that the price of plates doesn’t include the D.O.T transfer fee, which is £80 but the seller can help you with this if you choose the fully managed transfer service.


Additional Costs

You have to pay a transfer fee because you have to transfer the registration onto your car. There are some additional costs you have to consider when getting a personalized plate;


-- If you don’t want the number to be assigned immediately, then you have to get the V778 certificate.

-- If you want to sell or scrap the car but retain its plate, then you need to get the V778 retention certificates.

-- The certificates are going to cost you £25 a year to renew, but they are free to obtain initially.

If you buy the plate for your car or a nominee’s vehicle and want to use them straight away, then you don’t have to pay a lot of fees, only the transfer fee in addition to the price of the plates.


Buying a Personalized Registration Plate

It is simple to buy a plate but there aren’t any complicated processes. Decide the type of plate you want, what you want to read, and you are off to a good start. Input what you would like the plate to read then press enter on the search bar. This will show you the results of plates matching your specification. Go through the result and see whether there is a plate you like. That is all you have to do. You can also call the seller to order.


What Letter/Number Combos Can You Choose for Your Plate?

When buying the perfect plate, it can be a bit challenging to decide the right style for you. There are four plate styles currently that you can choose. These styles are:

-- Current Style – e.g., AB12 ABC

-- Suffix Style – e.g., ABC 123A

-- Prefix Style – e.g. A123 ABC

-- Dateless Style – e.g., ABC1 or 1ABC


The most desirable style is the dateless plate style, but also the most expensive. These plates have a lax rule when it comes to numbers and this makes them more easily identifiable. You have hundreds of variations to choose from, but you should be careful when choosing a plate because it can cause problems. One thing you need to do is avoid plates that make the vehicle newer because it is illegal.


If you don’t find the lettering you want, then you consider different combinations or even styles until you get something you like. It is a good idea to have more than one option before you start the process of looking. This helps avoid disappointments and gives more possibilities. You need to learn more about the rules of fonts used on a number plate.

In the past, there was a limit on risqué words, but this is no longer the case. You can choose any word for your personalized plate. The word has to fit within the styles listed above, but if you think of it and it has not been taken, then you can take it. Below are some of the most common themes when making a personalized plate;


-- Job or professions

-- Names and nicknames

-- Vehicle related

-- Sports or hobbies

-- Jokes or interesting words


The limit on what you can have on your plate boils down to availability and your imagination. It is hard to get common words and phrases because they get snapped up fast. This is why you have to employ a little more creativity with your choice of numbers and letters.


Are There Restrictions?

There are some restrictions you have to think about when it comes to personalized plates. These include;

-- You cannot start the registration plate with the letter ‘Q’

-- It isn’t allowed to put a personalized plate on a vehicle registered ‘Q’

-- It is illegal to use a personalized plate to make the car look younger than it actually is

-- No altering the spacing on the personalized plates

-- You can’t fix bolts or other devices to change the appearance of the plate


If you don’t follow the last three rules, then you risk facing a fine of up to £1,000 and also losing the number plate. Never alter the appearance of the plate in any way. You should be creative but make sure you are following the regulations so you can get what you want on the plate.


Can Existing Personalized Plates be Transferred?

It is possible to transfer a personalized plate to a new car. You can also choose to sell a personalized plate with your current classic car or any vehicle if you want. You are going to follow the same procedure as buying a new one. You are going to need a V317 application so you can either transfer or retain the registration number.


Change V5C

You have to send out the V5C form to DVLA and it has to include all the changes made to the registration plate. It is important to make sure it has been changed because it is not included in your transfer documents. You are not going to spend anything to change and it is important to do it as soon as possible.


Do I Have to Re-Buy a Plate?

If you have bought a plate and they are assigned to your vehicle but the one you have now is lost, stolen, or damaged then there is no need of going through the entire process again. You can have new plates printed but you have to provide proof of ID and proof of entitlement to the registration mark because they have to know that the plate being replaced is yours. You can expect to spend as little as £20 depending on the design and style you have chosen.


How Safe is Buying Online?

There are those who don’t feel comfortable buying online, but this doesn’t have to be the case. The sellers have made the process safe and secure and you can easily buy one online. They have state-of-the-art security features that make sure you buy the plate without any worries. The websites are also user-friendly, making the process smooth. You can call up the seller any time you experience a problem.



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