Everyone will at least once make a disproportionate number of maneuvers to park a car. To all, but not to the Chinese drive Han Yue, who set a new Guinness world record on November 14 with a super parallel parking maneuver, which allowed him to tuck his Mini 3 Door Hatch into a ‘hole’ cut almost by a tailor, with paltry 8 centimeters of extra space (the previous record was 15 centimeters).

This event took place during the China Drift Championship held in Chongqing, China.

It is highly recommended not to repeat this in the city center 🙂 It was 2012 when the Chinese Han Yue beat the world record for the parallel parking in the narrowest possible space, leaving only 15 cm of space between his car and the other two. In this video, Yue beat his own record, by parking between two cars with only 8 cm of extra space.


7 thoughts on “Guinness WORLD RECORD of TIGHTEST Parralel PARKING (just 8 cm) – AUDIENCE IS DEVASTATED!

  1. rob

    That’s not parallel parking. That’s hand brake turning into a space so this is a failed attempt… plus I’ve done tighter than that in a coach with proper parallel parking. I literally had 3 cm back and front so total of 6 cm. And y hats parking a 40 ft coach

    1. Mac

      How to tell the difference between the two Rob? Also could you share a video of your achievement. Thanks 🙂

    2. Alex Beaupré

      you must be fun at parties

  2. ken

    As the other person stated, thats Not parallel parking. I would like to see get out without touching or moving the other cars.

    1. Mac

      Now that’s a real challenge! 🙂

  3. mesomachines

    How would you like to have been this guy’s neighbors for the past year while he practiced?? For those who say it’s not parallel parking or that they could do better – show us the videos or be humble and give this guy his due. Like a lot of things in life, it doesn’t matter until it’s published or otherwise communicated.

    1. Mac

      I hear you buddy. His neighbors must have enjoyed watching him practice.

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