Hardcore Pawn’s Iacocca Now Available at eBay for Just $89,999.88

The 2009 Lee Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang Fastback once presented on truTV’sHardcore Pawn is again on eBay. This extremely rare Mustang was won by a couple at a casino. The couple sold the Mustang immediately to American Jewelry & Loan for $67,000. The following year, in 2012, Seth Gold commented that this car was the most expensive product he bought for the store ever.

2009 Lee Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang Fastback

The original price of this Mustang on the pawn shop’s web site back in June, 2011, was $175,000. During 2012, the price fluctuated and eventually dropped to $135,000. Now, the Lacocca Mustang #11 can be purchased at $89,999.88, which is $85,000 less than pawn shop’s original price. In the package, the original paperwork is included. The car shows only 63 miles on the odometer.

If interested, name you price at eBay!


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