GORGEOUS HEMI Twins: 1971 Dodge Challenger Convertibles! Will Ask My Father to Buy Me This!

Now here is something very special and thrilling for every Mopar fan, as we have these two, greatly restored 1971 Dodge Challenger Convertibles, rolling down the streets and posing on the city square in Helsinki, Finland. For those of you who are following us on regular bases, there is probably nothing new and strange about the fact that this video of these Hemi twins is coming from the north of Europe, because there is a big group of American muscle cars fans and enthusiasts who are collecting this awesome cars.

I’m not going to bother you with many facts and numbers about the cars, as I’m pretty sure there will be nothing new in what I would tell you about it that you do not already know well. in this case, both of these Mopar classics are rolling on huge wheels, and both of them have some serious HEMI Performance V8 motors that makes them roaring like tigers. Just check out the video and admire its beauty – pure Hemi pleasure!


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