Hennessey Gives SRT Viper the Venom 700R Package

Hennessey is the right choice if you want to extract a little bit more horsepower from your vehicle either through the use/optimization of forced induction. This company offers a variety of kits ranging from light to hardcore. Let`s say a word or two about what a masterful job it done on the SRT Viper. The tuning kit is called “Venom 700R.”

SRT Viper

Under the hood of this vehicle, there is a 8.4-liter V10 engine which delivers 705 hp (up from 640hp).

Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with high-flow cylinder heads, 3-inch exhaust, custom tube headers, a K&N performance air filter and high-flow cat. Torque has been boosted as well. It goes from rom 600 to 695 lb-ft (813 to 942 Nm).

There are some alternative parts offered by Hennessey, such as: carbon fiber parts, 5-point racingharnesses, lighter wheels, adjustable suspension, a fire extinguisher, and differential cooler.

So check out the gallery and videos bellow and tell us what you think.


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