Here’s What Happens When You Use MONSTROUS ENERGY AS OIL In Your Car – The Result? A MAJOR BREAKDOWN!

If you have some engine that you know that it finished its job and is ready to hit the junkyard, why don’t have a little bit of fun with it.

Here on the video, the owner decided to put Monster Energy drink instead of the standard engine oil, and he wanted to see what will happen to the engine. As we know the drink cannot be used as oil and it cannot lubricate the engine enough, it was sure that there is going to be smoke and some explosion maybe happening.

This was not a waste of an engine, we repeat this engine was close to dying, that’s why the owner decided to have fun with it. And as expected the engine didn’t like the Monster Energy drink at all. After starting, the engine became louder than usual and there was some smoke coming out of it, because there is an overheating going on. After few seconds of running, there was a nice explosion coming from the engine, and he knew that was it.

The engine was gone forever, without any chance to have more fun with it in the future.


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