HIGHWAY MOTORCYCLE PARODY: Good Luck, We Hope You’ll Miss These Guys On The Highways!

You know that we’re into everything that can be driven and has an engine but we can’t avoid the hilarious videos which make our day. Yeah, a little humor can never hurt someone.

We bet that you’ve seen something similar before but these guys are completely nuts, yeah on positive way, they are riding with their Kawasaki Ninja on the highway and they are hunting victims. But not on that way victims, not for races, they are looking for ordinary and extraordinary appears on the highways and they are creating funny stories on their way. Something like trash talk but never offend the other people directly.

We warmly recommend you to watch the video bellow and see how they started their chase first with the girl who was driving a Jeep Wrangler, next they found a woman driving with her dog next to the driver seat and many interesting situations.

Just pay attention on their talk and the humor is granted and their parodies are unforgettable, good job guys, continue delivering fanny videos.


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