HILARRIOUS! Teenager in a car Drives His Dad Crazy With Stupid Questions For A School Project!!!

Here is one way how you can make a video on YouTube, hoping that it will turn out cool and many people will like it. Instead, you might just end up being a total moron. Here we have YouTube user aaronsafilmnerd who decided to film a video blog with his dad while driving in a car.

Look just how this son talks to his father, asking the dumbest random hypothetical questions for a school project in sociology that takes away the blood under the fingernails of the infuriated father. Even the way this teenager is asking the questions is extremely annoying too. This kid thinks he’s very smart for making fun with his dad and uploading the video on the internet, but in fact he made a complete fool out of himself. I’m curious to find out what would his dad do to him if he finds out about the posted video.

I’d say this young kid is lucky that his father didn’t beat the hell out of him. What would you do if your son did this to you?


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