HOMEMADE Six-Speed Manual Transmission Out Of LEGO: You Can By The Parts In The Nearest Toy Store!

Yeah what do you think, do you like the new invention? But wait a minute you still don’t know the full specs about it! We can just promise you that in one day you can replace your car’s automatic transmission with this one and go on a crazy ride.

So what’s making this type of 6-speed transmission so good and easy to be made and installed? We know from mechanics that needs to suit the engine block, the oil system, does it will the differentials? Wait a minute, we’ve messed up here, it’s homemade but not for cars, it’s for fun!

Go to the nearest toy store, buy a package of Lego and Lego Technics – the art of combining of electronics with toys. And if you know a little coding you can develop a life replica of Ford Explorer transmission! So if you have enough free time and a desire to play a little you can make it happen, and at the end you can even shift gears from remote controller.

So everything that you need from parts is described in the text above, you just need to watch the full procedure of “how it’s made” and you can also include your kids, just don’t argue with them for the Legos!

Watch the video and enjoy it!


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