Hot Rods Claiming the Fastest Car at Drag Week This Year

HOT ROD at Drag Week every year has been announcing the Fastest Street Car. Every year, their judgement required a little bit value boost, but this year they seem to meet our expectations. There are 16 cars in the Unlimited class. Doug Cline was out of the race at the very start.
1968 Camaro

Drag Week`s regular participant is Dave Ahokas from San Antonio. This year, he got to drive a Jerry Bickle-built ’68 Camaro, a prior Pro Mod nitrous car which received a street-legal status. The street legal features do not make it street-comfortable.

Under its hood, there is a Kenny Duttweiler-built twin-turbo 414-inch small block. Furthermore, there is a precision air shifter that rounds this vehicle of 2,600 pounds around the pits and down the track on Hoosier tires.

Ahokas, the person in charge of last year`s drag race, stated: “The car runs cool, it runs fine, but it’s not real comfortable. I have about six different cushions I can try on the seat, we’ll see if I last.”


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