How About a Picnic with a Nissan GT-R? Sure Thing Man…!

Some guys simply can not get separated from their GT-R, not for even for a moment! And why would they? Well, I don’t think their girlfriends would appreciate that a lot, but hey, we are talking about R34 Skyline GTR V-Spec II Nur, what is the matter with you?!

Ok, let’s get serious for a moment…What we have here is another Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II NUR, doing it nice and slow on a beautiful green grass pitch and driving into the winners circle to collect its 1st place trophy.

Unfortunately, the author of this video did not give us a lot of info, so we can not tell you how and where that trophy was won. But that will not keep us awake at night, or prevent us from enjoying this nice short video with the abovementioned Skyline, with a monster under the hood that generates 620 horsepower! Really a great car, take a look.


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