How About This Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R?! Is This the New Dark Knight?! (FULL GALLERY)

I’m sure that you remember some of the previous times when we have featured Liberty Walk projects, products of the Japanese tuning crew, for whom we can say by all means that these guys are ultimate masters when it comes down to wide body kits. If you can recall, most of their other projects were fancy and flashy, but this great Nissan GT-R comes in classic black hue. Its final destination is the streets of Vancouver, Canada, so it would be safe to say that its future owner has really refined taste and style, that besides the screaming color, it also incorporates swollen arches, as well as very aggressive stance.

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

And when we are talking about its aggressive and sinister look, we have to mention some special features which are contributing to that, like the rear mounted big wing, the big diffuser at the back and the huge splitter at the front. Than there is a new set of wheels that are resting under big and extended fenders, 20 inch PUR LG01 alloys and some other smaller things that are making this car as awesome as it is.

The front of this great Nissan GT-R is wider for about 2 inches compared with the standard models, and the rear part is widened by 3.1 inches. It is powered by an engine that features Phoenix intercooler and original exhaust system, and it can develop 600 HP. One of the very best works done by Liberty Walk, a real Dark Knight on the streets of Vancouver! Don’t you think so?


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