HOW TO Pick up the GoPro Cam on the ground WHILE RIDING YOUR BIKE and IMPRESS YOUR MOM!

The extra fresh video that we show below shows some really amazing images. A rider, we assume a badass expert, is shooting with his GoPro camera while taking a fairly steep curve on Mulholland Drive. So far so normal, but the real surprise comes when the rider takes his camera from the road to pass right by the side.

Do not try this at home! Go lying when cornering, as the protagonist of these images does, and pick up your GoPro on the ground while you hold the handle with the other hand is definitely not an easy task.

We assume that the rider Derek Molle is a top expert in this type of maneuver, because without doubt, the danger is very much present.

In addition, the slow motion replay even better exemplifies the difficulty of the maneuver. So, how about those outstanding skills people? 🙂

Check out this superb stunt on the video below:


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