HOW TO START THE ENGINE Of Your Truck If The Starter Is Dead! ULTIMATE GUIDE For Mechanics From India!

If you think that you miss knowledge in engineering and in mechanics then you are wrong! You just need to think wisely and use your experience as a truck driver. So if you use your gained experience and intelligence you can come out from any difficult situation you will face it!

Think on this scenario, you are in the middle of nowhere, you are hauling high-importance cargo with your semi-trailer and the cargo needs to be delivered on time. And everything is fine you load the cargo earlier, your fuel tank is full and you start your journey.

On the half-way to the final destination you notice that the cell phone network is dead and you hope that you won’t need it. But then the truck stops, and you are finding out that the starter is dead.

What you can do? So how about if we tell you that you only need a crane? It sounds funny but it’s true, you will only need crane and rope and that’s it.

Watch the video bellow and see how this Indians solve the situation immediately, yeah we always knew that they are smart. Tell us in the comments what you think.


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