HUGE LAUGH – AWESOME Redneck Chevy powered Tank TAKING CARE of the Neighborhood!

Five long years ago, bunch of redneck dudes gathered along and not knowing how to spend their free time, they decided to have a little fun and relieve an old WWII Light Tank M3, also known as M3 Stuart. To give the machine a “spark” they used a 454 Chevy big block engine. As an end result, they produced one very cool toy. Now THIS is the ultimate bugout vehicle! It’s slow, clumsy, can be heard on the Moon, and takes 4 guys to operate it!

Here we have a video with the maiden voyage of their customized light tank. These “Quintessons” plan to make a rough terrain dump truck out of it, once it is done. I wonder what came out of it, after all these years.

Next thing for these guys to build would be an Optimus Prime 🙂 lol

A little friendly advice: before watching the video, put some cotton into your ears, or due to the HQ sound you might say goodbye to your hearing.


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