DON’T PLAY GOD and WATCH OUT – HUGE Truck TIRE EXPLOSION – LOOK at the damage of the Steel Cage!

HUGE Truck TIRE EXPLOSION – LOOK at the damage of the Steel Cage!

My God that was absolutely insane! I was terrified by the monstrous power of that explosion just by look at this video. This footage is definitely not for the faint of heart. Who would have thought that a truck tire can be the cause of such an explosion with deadly consequences. The steel cage was totally devastated after the explosion. Check out Armormax for tire protection options.

This steel tire inflation cage is designed for large Earthmover and Agricultural tires.

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The 29.5R25 L-3 Earthmover tire on the video was inflated to pressure at 150-psi and then it faces a sudden release inside the steel cage. The result of the explosion was shocking!


59 thoughts on “DON’T PLAY GOD and WATCH OUT – HUGE Truck TIRE EXPLOSION – LOOK at the damage of the Steel Cage!

  1. J

    I’ll tell you why this video is not indicative of real world scenarios; because that damage is mainly caused by the metal rim being projected out of the tire and into the metal cage. In the real world, it would be the other way around, since the metal rim will be bolted (quite strongly) to the hub, the rubber will then fly off in a reverse flow motion of this event filmed, meaning the rubber bursts on other out part of the rim first and pushes the rubber toward the vehicle. The more you know…. i guess.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Hey J…amazing explanation!

      1. Jason williams

        Good job j on your explanation pf whats wrong in that video and and might i say very informative…. of by informative you took that as smart elic well then id say there is at least one thing that you picked up on because you most certainly didnt pick up that the 2 piece press together wheel is what failed….. the the counter rotation of the durdur valve in conjunction with the coagulation chamber in alignment with the needle bearings in the muffler

        1. Ryan Nasalroad

          Jason Williams
          Nicely said!!!

      2. This video is used primarily to train technicians who repair and replace these tires, not to illustrate an inflated tire “blowing” under operation. This type of accident happens every day in the tire business injuring and or killing techs. We use these cages for the purpose of safety and this one did its job. Imagine that wheel under that force, not to mention the air impact hitting you in the chest without that cage.

        1. admin ( Post author )

          Indeed Shawn, that would be a real disaster! Instant death for sure!

          1. SueC

            I had a male friend from high school…who was inflating a truck tire at his work…1980’s ….he lived, after it blew up and tore his face half off/ messed his head up. Really sad and SCARY. I think of it every time I add any air to my tires.

          2. Mac

            That’s very sad Sue. Sorry to hear that…

        2. Randy

          Thank you Shawn for explaining that to some of the geniuses in here that already know everything about everything… This was not to simulate a truck going down the road and having a blow out LOL.
          Some people are already 10 steps ahead of us leading the way.

    2. d

      I may be just a girl….. but tires are not safely bolted on the vehicle when they are mounted on the rim and aired up. Or maybe the tire was just used too much when it was new! 🙂

      1. admin ( Post author )


      2. Tommy

        On most heavy equipment with 2 or 3 pice rims, the rim is not taken off the vehicle when a tire change is needed. They use a hydraulic crane arm to manover the tire on and off the rim. This is also true on some steer tires and outside duel tires on heavy trucks. The axle is lifted with a jack and tire is removed and installed with out removing the rim from the vehicle. The cages are very usefull and have saved many lives.

    3. Dude

      A 3 piece rim has a steel ring that holds it together not bolted together.. that would be a 2 piece rim. The more you know….. I guess.

      1. Shad

        Wow your the only one on this page that know what a split ring rim is. hey j….. Take notes don’t shoot from the hip

        1. Dr. G

          I used to work at tire shop when I was in college and split rims were still common on larger motor homes. We had a portable steel cage just for that reason. We had strict limits of how much pressure you can use to seat a stubborn bead. I had never actually seen a split rim explode on video before but I have heard stories that are almost hard to believe. Granted a smaller tire such as a 9.50 x 16.5, but some of the sound the bead and ring made when seating let me to believe any story I have heard. Even with the tire in the cage, I stood well away when inflating. Ever have to install one of those not split rings on a two piece rim? OH man!

    4. Robert Olsen

      That is true if it is mounted on a truck. But when the people that works in the tire shops they should use the cages when inflating tires just because of the damage they can cause in case they have damage that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

    5. glenn

      Yes your right but put a human body next to that. Put someone who doesn’t know what there doing next to it doesn’t matter if the rim lock ring or even the air pressure released it wouldn kill them a standard low profile 22.5 tore that zipper ruptured can launch a 16 lb bowling ball at least 3 football feild lengths. Remember the air pressure released is per square inch that probably had about 40 to 50 lbs of air in that tire. Thats a lot of force

    6. Randy

      J you totally missed the point of this video demonstration. This was not meant to simulate a truck going down the road and having a blow out. This is a demonstration on what can happen when the lock ring on the rim doesn’t lock properly. This is a common event that can happen while the mechanic is refilling the tire after repairs have been made or disassembled for other reasons. You should remove your comment as it is misleading and really missed the mark.

    7. Mark

      You Mr “J ” don’t know what your talking about. I worked at a place where a man was killed by a rim that was being ” Aired up ” on the equipment. Trucks and Heavy Equipment use split rims. These are two or more piece rims. Safest place to air up this kind of rim is in a tire cage. NOT on the equipment,

    8. Julian

      Not if it has a lock ring. So this could very well happen.

    9. Jer

      When your changing tires do you put it back on the truck before inflating it? No you dont thats why there are blow out cages like this one it protect people. The more you know i guess lol

    10. T

      Your an idiot, they are strength testing a cage, they use that cage while inflating after installing or repairing tired with split rims…. So that is exactly real world

      1. WB

        says the man who doesn’t know how to spell “you’re”…

    11. Thomas

      Very true but the rim did split throwing the other half

      1. someone

        Its supposed to split dude thats why its 2 or 3 piece rim

    12. Badkins

      This is a real world situation. Auto techs every day have to fix and fill these tires up. Some do this without a steel cage(stupidly) and get seriously injured. The cage is a protection device. It works for the people that have to work with these types of dangerous wheels.

    13. Slacker

      its called a split rim tire. there’s actually a separate metal piece from the rim around the edge of the tire and it can shoot off from the main hub hence why they stick them in a cage when changing them to prevent serious injury

    14. Brett

      Why would it be on the hub? When you put a new tire on the wheel you set the bead, then you put air in it, never seen someone set a bead on the vehicle, especially when you change 10 on a truck…. Worked in a shop for a long time

    15. philip wolters

      This is why you should NEVER EVER air a tire up unless its clamp down or bolted on a vehicle or in a cage the force of any tire explosion will kill any one in its way. In this particular video its a lock ring wheel and a lock ring bolted to a vehicle, the ring holding the tire to the wheel will kill any one and rip through anything in there way. I work in a tire shop and had one go off in a field we spent hours looking for the rain and found it over 100 yards from the vehicle we were working on (the wheel was attaches to a front end loader) professionally speaking no one should attempt to fix your own flats take them to a shop and pay to get them fixed and not die because you might not know whats going on on the inside and end up with a zipper rupture or something worse. People dont realise just how dangerous they really can be.

    16. Hell

      Actually a blow out from a truck passing a car, can and does do severe damage, my daughters friends were left stranded after the truck passing them blew a tyre and it damage the passenger side wheel arch, bent the wheel under and the passenger door and that was at a blow out at 100KM on a highway….

      1. Mac

        Thanks for the link Joe. It is good to know this.

  2. K

    J…this is an inflation safety cage demonstration…as in meant to contain tire assembly explosions upon initial inflation after mounting tire on rim. Nothing to do with daily operation of the tire assembly while in use. Every truck tire shop has a scaled down version in which every new or repaired tired must legally be initially inflated. Just in case.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Good to know that K!

  3. Rob

    Yes J in the real world it will be bolted to a truck but only after you put the tire on the rim and air it up those cages were made for people like me who mount and repair tire like that.

  4. Bobby

    I’ve been changing tires for 13 years and have seen this in the field if the lock rings are not propally placed they can in fact come off and will cause death or severely injury someone. But over inflation and tire being run flat will and can cause that tire to explode like that.

  5. Peter

    Have seen split rims on off highway trucks let go with no cage and the distance the parts of the split rim go is impressive. I wouldn’t want to stand anywhere near it.

  6. Big T

    And, if memory serves me correctly, my scraper tires were never inflated to 150psi during my operator days. I’m sure this video using such high pressures was for demonstration purposes for the tire industry in an effort to promote the cages for sale.

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Definitely, this is the reason for this demo!

    2. Tinus

      SAFETY!!!!!! The video is making a point about the safety of technicians and other workers. The safety op our staff should be a priority …….

  7. mikey

    As a former firefighter I fought my fare share of vehicle fires. I can tell you that a standard car tire which is pressurized to 35lbs will knock you off of your feet if standing next to one when it blows. (I have been the unfortunate soul this has happened to on several occasions)
    Now if a standard passenger vehicle tire @35lbs will knock you off off your feet just imagine what a standard commercial vehicle tire will do @ 110lbs. I have seen what it does to the hood of a semi when a steer tire blows, As well as picked the rubber covered copper shrapnel out of the radiator of my vehicle after being behind a semi who had one of his trailer tires blew. (And no I wasn’t tailgating, speed was 35 mph on a side road and I was roughly a truck length (75″) behind).

    So with that said yes this is a instructional safety video fore tire techs, however just because a wheel is properly secured to a hub it is still very dangerous if it blows.

  8. Shaun

    I just recently injured at work due to a 22.5 tire blowing off the rim at 110psi “without a cage” no one seems to understand the impact I took, I was blown 6ft in the air and 8ft back. I busted my head was bruised from head to toe and have 3 fractures in my lower back. PLEASE always use a cage when doing this type of job.

  9. Scott h..

    I have read all the comments and I see that all of you are not that smart this video is not about the tire its about the steel cage and how it can hold together under if a tire over filled and give out there are many places that I have been in where heavy equipment is being worked on and the tire cage are needed I have seen guys get killed and busted up while working on big tires like that one .

  10. Scott h..

    Hay Shaun you are right always use a tire cage

  11. Dave

    Thank god for natural selection !

  12. Kylie Schlese

    I work at a trucking company and we had a 22 kid get sent to the hospital because of a tire. We did not have a tire cage because our boss did not want to pay for one. We heard what sounded like an explosion, ran out into the shop to find him unconsous on the floor with about .5 inch gash from his eye socket up to his hairline. He had the tire laying on the floor with him leaning over it. The pressure released caused the metal frame to pump up put of the tire and it came off the floor nailing him. Needless to say my boss bought a tire cage, but do you think the shop guys use it? No its still rapped in the shipping plastic…..

  13. Len

    This appears to be a demonstration by ken-tools of a “wheel cage”. These cages are used for multi piece wheels because that is exactly how the fail when the lock skips. By multi piece I mean the rim is in pieces, usuallythe inner or outer lip of the rim is removable and held in place by a snap in lock ring. Those styles of rims have killed a lot of people an I personally think that that cage held up pretty well considering the force exerted on it. It has absolutely nothing to do with a blow out on a truck. They also generally pop long before that much pressure is built up in the tire (it says 150psi) even 10 psi should have been enough to pop te faulty lock. But I’m sure there’s someone where whoes certain the air screw in the carburetor caused it lol

  14. jjosh

    This is a three piece wheel. The back saide u seen fall out of the tire to the right of ur screen was the wheel. On the other side is the other wheel rim held together by a lock ring which is sealed by a large rubber o-ring. Yes over inflation or improper lockring mount WILL do this. That lock ring has been known to penetrate vehicals. I do work with these OTR tires. Ud be amazed to see what just a little o bitty lawnmower tire can tear up.

  15. sandy

    My Husband was Injured with a tramatic brain Injury, lost most of his eye sight and hearing as the results of a explosion of a Split Rim 2 years ago.He was lucky to survive. if you call being disabled the rest of his life Luck.

  16. mark

    Worked as a tyre fitter when i left school, chap there blew one of these up flat on the floor, standing on it, late at night in the yard on his own. Came in next morning he was half way through the metal roof 40 foot up , dead as a dodo………..thats the force these have when they let go.

    1. Mac

      WOW that’s incredible Mark!

  17. Art

    I believe the point of the video is to show what can happen to a tire under pressure. There are a million different scenarios that a tire & wheel can go through and the video just shows one. The point here is anytime your working on a tire, it ‘should’ be put in a cage when airing it up, even a new tire side-wall can fail, and if it does, no one knows which way things are going to fly. jmo.

    1. Mac

      Thanks Art! 🙂

  18. Zane Turner

    Was at a truck stop getting my truck serviced a couple of months ago when a fellow was changing a tire. When he chose to air it up leaning against a post next to the tire cage
    That was the last thing he ever did when it blew up with him standing in front of it, it put him across the shop thread a cement block wall. His wife and kids were sitting in the parking lot waiting for him to finish the job and punch out and go home.

    1. Mac

      OMG! That’s too bad. 🙁

  19. Art

    In the end of the day you are responsible for your own safety . Even if you been working on tires for years without issues it just takes one of these to change the way you live

    1. Mac

      Very true Art. We all need to be careful in situations like this.

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