DEVIL’s Ice-Breaker ROCKS! Awesome Little 4×4 Monster Driving In Ice And Water!

Russians are definitely one of the wildest and most awesome people in the world. Living in extreme and hard conditions, like in Siberia, they chose to challenge their abilities and become more better and stronger. Also, they did not forget to have fun doing that 🙂

One example of that is this ATV of a man called Alexei Garagashyan.

In this video Alexei is driving on thin ice on in his makeshift board rotary jeep. His vehicle is called Cheburator (whatever that means). The maximum speed of it is about 40 km/h. the price of it is 800,000 Russian rubles which is about 20,000 U.S. dollars.

Falling through the ice, out of the water and again onto the ice. What a fantastic bravery and superb skills! This guy is definitely ready for the utmost driving challenges.

You think Ken Block is a skilled driver? I’d like to see him doing that.

Check out this amazing little Russian icebreaker in action on the next video:


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