CRAZY Idiot Crashes A 360,000 Euros Lamborghini Aventador On A Parking Lot In Monaco!!!

Bad things happen from time to time. And this valet in Monaco really got himself into a lot of trouble.

Being a driver’s valet in Monaco may seem nice at first. Although the upper streets of the principality hinder the operation, it is common for many customers to parade around with their expensive supercars. But luck turned into bad luck for an employee of the valet company in the traditional Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo. In a clumsy attempt to park a Lamborghini Aventador, the valet hit the Italian supercar.

When parking the model, the valet, very carefully, backed up and put the car in the seat without any problems. But it is when he decides to further set the Lambo in the wave where it gets ugly. This guy seemed to forget the power of 700 hp V12 and accelerated the car. The result was a straight hit into a passing Toyota RAV4.


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