I’m Gonna Drive This 1992 Corvette Convertible Until I Die! MUST SEE THIS BABY!

Let’s forget all our problems and worries for a moment and enjoy the beauty of this wonderful life. We found an absolutely amazing video which will make you fall in love with driving. Here is a great footage that really shows the ultimate pleasure – speed! Accompanied by an excellent choice of music, namely Frank Sinatra’s ‘I’m gonna live until I die’ and ‘Fly me to the moon.’

This is definitely the way I want to live! On the road, driving a beautiful Corvette convertible  like this lovely black 1992 Corvette C4 powered by a 5.7 L LT1 V8 engine with 300 hp. As dear old Frankie says: I’m gonna drive, drive, drive, until I die! 🙂

Too bad the uploader of the video Adam Hooten disabled the comments, because I would write him that he definitely made my day with this enthusiastic video. Surely anyone can notice all the pleasure and fun that the guy in the Vette has while making the ultimate joyride in his life.

I hope you will all enjoy this terrific video as much as I did! 🙂


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