IMPRESSIVE RUSSIAN DRIFTING With Nissan Skyline And A Kawasaki Ninja ZX636!!! WOW! Check Out This!

Known in the coterie of amateur stunt riding of the Russian metropolitan – this guy called Mitya arrives beautifully at training. The legendary all-wheel drive Nissan Skyline with switchable front axle on the right Japanese forging, together with a trailer on it, attracts attention. Although the wheelbarrow is old and eats a lot and breaks, in road maintenance the Nissan Skyline is still a cult car, gaining worldwide fame in the movie franchise “Fast and Furious”.

Of course, Mitya could easily change the Skyline with a brand new car, but the stunt riders are not the most practical guys! When the soul asks a little speed and drift, Mitya sits in his Skyline, turns on the Godzilla, and nails it hard.

At one of the workouts of Mitya in the small town of Shcherbinka, he brought a new stunt bike Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 and together they did a beautiful performance.

Enjoy watching this excellent drift show!


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