IN THE EARTH’s MOUTH! Jeep Off-Road Experience at Gold Rush Trail in Canada!

The video that you are about to see in this post is actually an off-road short film in which a small group of outdoor enthusiasts are getting on their Jeep SUVs and go on an exciting adventure to explore the mines on the Gold Rush Trail, in British Columbia, Canada.

Arming themselves and building up their confidence with four different Jeep Rubicon models, this small group of four is exploring three different levels of the mines. It is thrilling and dangerous adventure, where only the best equipped and most enduring SUVs can survive. Some of the levels of the mines are flooded and impossible to reach, but that does not stop our main protagonists to keep exploring. The final conclusion is that this Jeeps are really awesome vehicles and can go almost everywhere.

Unfortunately we do not have specs about the vehicles, mostly because the point of this video is the trip itself, rather than these awesome Jeeps. So if you like watching this type of off-road adventures and admire the Jeep’s abilities to overcome all sorts of difficult obstacles, than you will really enjoy the next nine minutes of action.


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