INCREDIBLE Video SHOCK! Cars Fly To Get On Board At The Port Of Alonissos In Greece!!!

In Greece there are a lot of islands, however only few of these islands are connected with bridges. Because of that, ferry boats are one of the main ways for transportation between them. However, the weather conditions in the Greek seas are not always very friendly and hospitable.

These Greek dudes on the video clip below know that best. They were trying to load cars from the port of Alonissos onto the Hellenic Seaways ferry boat. Strong winds lifted the hatch of the ship but the board of cars should be done, despite the difficult weather conditions.

Although the details about this event are (100% literally) all Greek to me, at best I can tell that the vessel featured in the video is a Apollon Hellas – a large 300-foot ship which is capable of carrying 1,500 passengers and almost 100 vehicles on board. Knowing this it is enough to say, that it would take some pretty heavy storms to rock the ferry this much, but obviously Poseidon was quite angry that day.


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