INSANE BIKE STUNTS – Kyle Sliger’s Complete Guide On Achieving Fame With CRAZY MOVES!!!

Although it may seem totally amazing and unbelievable, but the stunt biker Kyle Sliger never rode a motorcycle until he was 18 years old. Now after  nine years of motorcycle experience, you’ll notice his ability to perform amazing stunts on his Kawasaki Ninja 636. Especially the 360 degree dribbling.

In the video below we see Kyle doing his wild workouts, and like any discipline the secret of his success is falling many times, and absorbing the lessons from the experience of others. In his case it was his friend Josh Vetter that taught him the basics of all stunt bikers such as braking techniques and adjusting the deadlock, including tips and tricks.

Kyle himself admits that he exceeded doing everything and went little too far with his practice, however he did not wait very long to see the results of his hard training. Now he is totally capable to to take “the riding to another level”.

Now you are ready to boost your career as a stunt pilot, with some homegrown tricks like 360 degree dribbling. Check this fantastic stunt performance on the next video:


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