Feel The Ultimate Rush! Inside 1000 HP GTR R32 – in 9 Second at 158 MPH!

Feel The Ultimate Rush! Inside 1 000 HP GTR R32 – 9 Second at 158 MPH!

Everyone who is following and reading reviews about the famous Japanese rocket-sled, Nissan GTR R35, will notice how much attention is there on the electronics inside the car, that makes that awesome sports car almost as if it is driven by itself, only by a simple push of a button. Even though that is very far from the truth, it is indisputable fact that there are big differences between this and the previous generations of the GTR motors, especially when it comes to the effort required by the driver.

That is why today we have decided to go with a video in which you will see one powerful model of Nissan Skyline GTR R32 whilst being driven on the drag strip at a speed of 158 mph, achieving a time of 9 seconds (his best time is 8.62 at 165 mph). It is an example that is coming from Russian drag racing, and it is one highly appealing video clip, which I’m sure you are going to enjoy.

According to the info, this GTR R32’s original engine was generating 276 HP, but after the modifications made by Duke Racing, it gives an output to astonishing 1 000 HP.

This would be a perfect example of how much more effort this powerful Skyline GTR R32 is required from its driver, compared with the new GTR R35 model. The guy is fighting hard to steer this rocket-sled straight and operate its sequential gearbox, while inhaling a lot of burnout smoke, and yet manages to achieve a great result. Check it out!

If you want to read one interesting story about the guy who brought the very first GTR R32 models in the US, go to this link.


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