IS THIS Possible?! VW Rabbit Takes Down 1300 HP Nissan GT-R!

Yes, you have reed the title correctly. VW Golf MK1, called 16Vampir, with a 2.0 liter 16V engine that generates astonishing 1 100 HP has swept the strip with the legendary king of all drag strips in the world, 1 300 HP Nissan Skyline GT-R R35!

If anyone had told me something like that just an hour ago, I would have laugh in his face, but after watching the video, I was literally left speechless. It is The fastest VW Rabbit ever made, that is taking a full advantage of the German engineering and set a new VW AWD world record, pulling 8.29 seconds at 175 mph on a ¼ mile distance, leaving the GT-R almost entire second behind.

As you will see it for yourself in the video bellow, due to a superior first reaction and perfect launch control, the Godzilla had a very good start and got a fitting advantage, but only after a few yards, the lightweight 16Vampir quickly passed the GT-R R35 as its driver switched into fourth gear.

The entire video is also shot very good, with multiple cameras, so we can all see the whole race from many different angles. I specially like the rear view camera, on which you can see how this über babe says aufidersen to Godzilla. But enough ‘talks’, it is time to watch the video of this legendary race.


14 thoughts on “IS THIS Possible?! VW Rabbit Takes Down 1300 HP Nissan GT-R!

  1. Brian

    How is this possible you ask…… Aftermarket high performance parts, a turbo the size of God’s penis, and a chasis that ways not. That’s how sir. Any other semi simple questions

    1. shaun

      most people dont understand power to weight,the vw is tiny and stripped out,and the fact its about the size of the gtrs nutsack,mean car though,love seeing the underdog destroy a car like that well done boys.

      1. Mac

        Glad you enjoyed the video Shaun! 🙂

  2. Andy

    Of cource, the golf is outstanding. But the people forget the weight [1800kg], comfort and streetability of that GTR. Which drives 400km to the track and runs mutliple 8.7 sec runs and drive back home. This was not his best run. And…everybody builds with other purposes.

  3. JASON


    1. Mac

      Godzilla lost from a rabbit 😀 lol

  4. jason

    No statements about the gtr getting the vw off the line?? Look at the reaction times…gtr was off the line before the vw was even in gear…that was a huge loss to the vw right off the start..and he still pulled a huge lead by the end of the run..just that much more impressive…nice work

    1. Mac

      You’re right indeed Jason. This was definitely one hell of a race.

  5. Alex

    Overrated, ill take the GT-R over that trash any day. A crap looking car with tons on money thrown into it. Not worth it.

    1. Mac

      Well in general the GT-R is without doubt way better. But in this case it lost the race. Better luck next time 🙂

  6. Mo Reese

    The gTr probably still cost more than the rabbit. Haters gonna hate, always . Better luck next time Datsun!!!!

    1. Mac

      It sure costs more, no doubt about it. This VW sure proved itself a worthy opponent to the GTR.

  7. Capone

    Hahaha the rabbit destroyed him! Would take it 10000 times over that plastic datsun…

    1. Mac

      I think the GTR is planning a vicious revenge haha 🙂

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