James Bond Lotus Esprit submarine car Is Driving to auction!

James Bonds Lotus Esprit Submarine Car 01
This is maybe the coolest car that goes to auction, From all the movies that are full with action and suspense, car chases and crashes, this one belongs to Bond, James Bond. That makes the “coolness bar” rise to new lengths.

There is something very interesting happening at RM Auctions. They had just announced that the Lotus Esprit submarine car, the state of the art peice of technology used  in the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me” has been added to the docket for its upcoming auction in London, September 8-9 which means that some lucky guy/girl with spare money in their pockets will drive the boat/car that enabled Roger Moore escape the bad guys, and bring down the helicopter by firing a rocked from the deep!

The moment this car became famous is actually not in its car form. While Bond was chased by some bad company this car transformed into boat and opened a new escape route for our hero while the chasers scratched their heads thinking “What sorcery is this?”.

James Bonds Lotus Esprit Submarine Car 02

This wonderful Lotus Esprit or as its famous name is “The Submarine Car” has some amazing featured and incredible story to tell. After the role in the movie in the ’70s, it was shipped to Long Island, NY where the owner paid for storage for 10 years in advance.

Ten Years later no one showed to pick it. They were sold off in a blind auction to an area couple who had no idea what they were getting. The car has been shown occasionally in the years since, but its value remained a topic to debate, until now.

The most valuable Bond car is the original Aston Martin DB5 which was used in Goldfinger and Thunderball. It was sold for incredible $4.6 million in 2010, but when the gavel falls at RM Auctions’ London sale in September, we’ll see if this Lotus Esprit drowns the Aston Martin’s status.


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