Jeep Wrangler Produced in a Million Units!

Jeep Wrangler
Autoweek recently informed that by now there has been an amazing million JK Wranglers created. However, none of the produced vehicles so far resemble the original Wrangler, which was built 73 years ago, to the fullest. The only vehicle deserving to be called “the most similar 73-year-ago Wrangler” is the Volkswagen Beetle. The first unit was produced 65 years ago.

The 2013 Wrangler Sport is equipped with cloth seats. It has no luxury touches and no navigation system. It can ride in both winter and desert tracks, and it even runs highway speeds. A step back is it’s the greater effort needed for braking.

The old 4.0-liter mill has been improved to the 3.6-liter V6 engine which makes this vehicle capable of running the Arizona`s 75-mph speed unit.

A default rear-wheel drive setting makes dirt driving manageable, while in the desert things can get a bit rough. The four-wheel drive gives this vehicle an opportunity to ride extreme-angle hills more smoothly.

As every vehicle, this one has a few negative sides such as the following: the Jeep is not a gas-sipper; unlike the comfortable front seats, the rear ones are flat; there is a possibility of getting cold feet during winter time.

All in all, this Jeep gives satisfactory effects. It is JK`s most splendid vehicle so far.


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