Ken Block GYMKHANA EIGHT Arrives Together With New HIGHLY UNIQUE, Directionally Reflective, Black-On-Black Livery Presented By Toyo Tires!!!

Changing the looks as you change the viewing angle, now that is something that Ken Block Gymkhana Eight has to offer and it is just amazing. This is one combination and the TOYO Tires has been involved too, without them the car wouldn’t look like this at all. Making a reflective livery on the Gymkhana car for Ken Block was the thing that nobody expected.

Ken Block is going to Dubai so that he could drift some Toyo Tires there and he needed to show something special to the Arab people. They are already rich and they have almost seen it all. Now they got to see the livery car in person that is something that only the richest people have the privilege to see, and the video is intended for all. The ultra-reflective livery has been created in order to amaze the people that will stand around the car and maybe to attract new customers because this might be the best commercial ever.

Driving and drifting in Dubai means that the car and the tires must have been earlier prepared and be sure that they will not let you down. The hard weather conditions there can be harmful for the engine because there is almost no air to cool the engine and the asphalt is so hot that it will melt the tires even without a burnout done. But at night it is very nice and the race will take part after sunset so everything is cool now.

Ken Block and his all new and reflective Gymkhana Eight car must show all what they have learned in the past because the people are going to expect some show and he must give it to them, and with this car and looks the fun is guaranteed upfront.


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