Ken Block Knows Only One Way How To Score A Goal – DRIFTING, OF COURSE!!!

Lionel Messi may be the best football (soccer) player in the world, but can he score a goal like Ken Block? The comparison is pointless and unjustified – you might say. What does Ken Block has to do with football or scoring goals. Well, I thought so too. But Ken proves me that I’m wrong with another of his fantastic executions, of course with what else but his car! A perfectly logical question here arises – how can a person score a goal with a car. Well, Ken Block is capable of doing that.

The famous extreme racer and the Barcelona forward player Neymar presented an awesome video on the World Cup. In the video titled Castrol Footkhana, Neymar defies cars -- and the motorcycle racer Ken Block. Also during the competition, they are joined by the Brazilian football player Cafu and football freestylers Andrew Henderson, Sean Garnier and Lassie Harskaynen.



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