ONE of A KIND Lamborghini Aventador by Liberty Walk Debuting at LA Supercar Show!!!

Recently on the parking lot of Lamborghini Newport Beach (the largest dealer of Lamborghini in California) shone the Lamborghini Aventador by Liberty Walk in the company’s expanded body kit from the Japanese. This car was shown in Las Vegas for the annual demonstration of the famous motor show SEMA.

The aerodynamic body kit for the Lamborghini Aventador created by Liberty Walk is one of the most prominent among these solutions. The desired effect is achieved primarily due to the massive wheel arch extensions, mounting bolts of which the tuners did not even thought to to mask them in any way. Last time, by the way, is a kind of special “chip” of the Japanese.

In addition to wheel arch extensions, the Aventador also received massive front bumper splitter, side sills were updated, a new rear bumper diffuser and a large rear spoiler on the engine compartment.

No less important role in the visual component of the supercar play new discs from Forgiato, AirRex air suspension, and individually made exhaust system from Armytrix, which not only provides a formidable sound, but also allow to flash fire on occasion.


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