Lamborghini Aventador Ripped in Half!

A $400, 000 Lamborghini Aventador was torn in two after it crashed in a sedan this Saturday in Brooklyn’s Mill Basin neighborhood. Fortunately, nobody got killed. The drivers of both cars are not even heavily injured.

Lamborghini Splits in Half

The primal cause is the fast drive. As the sedan was supposed to turn driveway, it was too late for the Lambo to press the brake. Yet, do you believe that this speed is enough for the car to be split in two?

“I looked at the camera and I was horrified,” said Dr. Michael Yuryev, whose parents` house surveillance video camera recorded the fatal event. He states that this street is not safe neither for drivers nor pedestrians. “We need to do something about it because I walk down that street, my family walks down that street,” Yuryev exclaimed. “It’s a big problem because there’s no stop sign. From this street over there to there, no stop signs at all, all the way to the end,” adds Baluch.

The Lamborghini driver is a lucky guy. He escaped major injuries, but yet, he must be more than sorry for loosing such an outstanding supercar.


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