The Lamborghini Batvendator IS SO AWESOME That Even The NYPD Cops Are JEALOUS Of It!!!

No other supercar, except for Lamborghini Aventador fits the character of the entrepreneur Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Thus came the Lamborghini Batventador.

This summer, this sinister vehicle was spotted on the streets of New York City where it was participating at the annual goldRush rally. A big crowd gathered to greet the cars at the finish line, and among them were also few NYPD police officers. The reason for their emergence was the fact that the traffic was very much slowed down since there were many people taking pictures of the gorgeous Lamborghini.

The police wanted to clear out the traffic and the car out of the way. Not being able to control the people to make enough room for the Aventador to drive through, the cops decided to use a pointless and very annoying method to drive off the Lamborghini. Driving behind the car, the cop blasted the horn in his vehicle. Luckily, after a few minutes of extreme noise his horn broke down and a lot of people laughed at him. That’s what happens when you mess with the car of Batman!


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