Lamborghini Egoista: Now on Display – LIMITED and ACCESSIBLE By Ultra Reach Only!

Lamborghini museum decided to put its single seated, unique model of “Egoista” on a permanent display…
This thing happened as wrap up of last year’s 50th anniversary celebrations of the famous Italian sports car manufacturer.

To mark the occasion properly, Lamborghini organized spectacle of a caravan hotride trip around Italy, consisted of 350 cars revealing their latest member in the family -- single seated Gallardo based model, called Egoista. BE SURE to WATCH THE VIDEOS on the NEXT PAGES!

Lamborghini Egoista

Italians had always been known by walking the unconventional lines and always trying to create something unusual and wacky, distinguishing themselves from most of the other automanufacturers. So besides displaying the new models of Aventador and Gallardo, they put out a new rabbit from the hat in form and shape of this unusual model, called Egoista.

Lamborghini Egoista 1

With a on & off bonkers, this 600 horsepower futuristic beast really does not leave anyone emotionless. And this is also not by the chance. Lambo constructors really wanted to make something different and out of the ordinary. Therefore, for the construction of this prototype, an anti radar materials (mostly carbon fiber and aluminum) has been used in order to keep the traffic police of your back when you are flying like a superman throughout the city streets. And the whole package looks rather bizarre and from now on, it can be seen up close and personal by anyone who enters into the Lamborghini museum.Go to the next page below to watch the rest of the photos…!  BE SURE to WATCH THE VIDEOS on the NEXT PAGES!


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