Lamborghini Prank Guy Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Picks Up A Hot Beauty With His Lamborghini Gallardo! See His New Episode!

The crazy rich Russian dude Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, famous for his hilarious prank videos of picking up girls with Lamborghini decided to use the bull to find his true love. Being a modern prince charming he must have a gorgeous steed to ride with his darling.

And on the video here we that Vitaly had definitely found a real princess. She was so excited for sitting on the passenger seat in the beautiful orange Lamborghini Gallardo that she started singing with joy and happiness.

After dropping her off, Vitaly tried to find some gold diggers with a friend of his but in the end of the day, all he got was a little sun tan. This hot sunny day in Los Angeles, California was not so fortunate for this young man. Better luck next time Vitaly and thanks a lot for all of your fun videos 🙂

Check it out on the following video:


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