Land Rover Defender Drives Up A “REAL MAN’S” 4WD Track 5.5M Above The Ground!!! Guts….YOU GOT ‘EM DUDE!

After long time discussing which truck is better we have come to conclusion that this Land Rover Defender might take the title. The truck that is supposed to be the best one should have all the attributes that describe the best truck ever. First of all the engine is a crucial part of it. The engine needs to be powerful so that the vehicle can be able to go on any-terrain with no hesitation.

Also the 4WD truck must have rigid rims mounted on it. The tires and the rims play a huge role while going off-road and with some thin rims you are not going far away. The tires must be good too but that is an option that the driver will choose. If he is cheap than the rims will not do any good without the good tires to wear.

The brakes are playing huge role too and as we can see on the video if the brakes were not good this Defender would never stop at the middle of the ramp. It would go down crushing the rear bumper and making too much damage to worry about.

And finally for the best 4WD truck the interior is very important too. It doesn’t have to be a full leather one with customized dashboard, but having the primary options and the must-have gadgets is the best way to go. RPM meter and MPH meter, oil pressure battery level and engine temperature must be shown at all times. Without these essential measures you cannot drive the truck off-road.

Placing the ramp here and climbing with the truck on it is a proof that the Land Rover Defender is the best truck to have. Even though it is older it can handle all the obstacles laid in front of him and he will do it with pride too.


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