LET HER SHINE LIKE NEW – Tips for Cleaning Your Corvette!

Cleaning your car can mean removing rough water spots, tar and road oil, tree sap оr pine pitch, tiding out with vacuum cleaner, neutralize the odors, but it also means washing and drying your precious Corvette. So here are some handy tips that will help you to do these processes through specific procedures.

washing tips

Removing tough water spots

Spots from salt water can be difficult to remove from your car’s paint and glass if they remain for a longer period of time, because salt is “eating” both the surface on the paint and on the glass. You should use white vinegar applied on a “terry” towel and softly scrub these spots while they remove.

Always vacuum before you wash

washing tips 2Always vacuum the inside of the car before you start washing it. This is a smart prevention so that you wouldn’t blow dust and dirt all over the clean parts of the car and of course you should already know that it is a lot easier to get rid of the dirt before it gets wet...

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2 thoughts on “LET HER SHINE LIKE NEW – Tips for Cleaning Your Corvette!

  1. Seth Ashford

    I am going to be getting a corvette soon, and I want to make sure it will always look nice. I will definitely make sure to follow these tips so that I can have the nicest looking car in town all the time. Do you happen to also have a list of businesses that specialize in servicing corvettes? I really want to take care of my new baby. http://www.vetteconnect.com

    1. Mac

      I’m glad you find our article useful Seth. Congratulations on your new car. Unfortunately we don’t have a list of servicing businesses for Corvettes. Good luck with finding ones. 🙂

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