This Is How Stars Are Born!!! Cool Lifted Superduty Ford F250 Does A Huge Burnout And Creates History For Lifted Trucks!

Oh yeah baby! Bring on the lifted monsters. Not very long ago we posted a cool article about lifted Ford trucks. Seeing this high and powerful babies is really an extraordinary sight. Well now is the time to see some real action with them. We have here an awesome video featuring a badass superduty Ford F250 with a custom 32” lift and a fantastic paint job riding on 49” Swamper tires doing what seemed to be the impossible: a magnificent burnout in the parking lot at a the Sac 2 Bay car show.

Yup, this is one pure adrenaline dose for all of us who are addicted to heavy monstrous trucks showing their true power on the ground.

The best part of all was that the awesome driver of the Ford did this burnout while the local police and the sheriff were watching outside the private property. This is how stars are born! 🙂

Check out this Herculean lifted F250 on the video below:


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