Didn’t Think It Is Possible? How About a Little Surf-Driving with Hummer!

From now on, besides drifting, rubber burnouts, making donuts and other stunts, there is a new exhibition out there, in which the big and mighty Hummer has the mail role and it is called Surf-Driving! What? You did not think it is actually possible to surf with your car? Well, this is not just another car, but Hummer H1.

If that rule applies for all the other cars, this Hummer H1 is showing us that it is an exception. Usually when guys decide to go surfing with their cars, it means that you go there with your surf boards and leave your car on the parking lot. But not this guy. He is showing to everybody that his big vehicle can handle the water waves almost as good as a surf board. Just watch the video!


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