MACHINES VS. NATURE! You Can’t Defeat Nature But Only This Time The John Deere Won The Battle!

Yeah maybe the battle is won, but the war is not! And honestly we are machine heads, we love the cars, the trucks, the industrial machines and everything that produces smoke and adrenaline sound, but we must stand on the nature’s side!

Remember this! Now let’s jump on our battle here and see what happened. The battle is literally between nature and machines, pine three vs. John Deere tractor! The battle started when the John Deere tractor tried to pull out of the ground the tree together with its roots. At the first try the John Deere underestimated the pine tree and the tree returned the attack, punching the tractor’s driver on the head, yeah, like whip.

The tractor tried even harder, jumping with the front wheels but nothing the whipping just continued even stronger to the driver’s head. Can you imagine the picture, furious pine tree is whipping a man on a John Deere tractor, it looks funny and it would be better if any threatened plant returned on this way we will have now better and greener planet.

For now the tractor won the battle and if you want to see what exactly happened watch the video bellow.


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