Mad Genius Made A QUAD-TURBO 2nd Gen Camaro With Junkyard Parts! This Thing Sounds Amazing – ALL THE TURBO NOISES!

he truth is that we live in such a time which is just perfect for every nutjob junkyard engineering. To prove that, we advise you to get a good look at this extraordinary project. What otherwise appears as a junky 2nd gen Camaro, is actually a terrific machine packing a 6.0-liter LS V8 engine borrowed from a truck with not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR insane turbochargers pulled off either a Ford Ecoboost engine or a Volkswagen or Fiat, which also use the same turbos. . It is not a car, it is a monster. Now this is the type of tuned car that we all gearheads really love!

This 2nd Gen Camaro got a lot of attention when it screamed down the drag strip during the Street Car Takeover Houston 2016 event! The guys at 1320video caught up with the owner of this outrageous and awesome contraption to do a small interview with him and find out more about his beast.

There are mainly two major reasons why you should really check out the video in our article. First, you guys really need to listen to the quad-turbo roar of the engine, it sounds like half of a Bugatti Veyron hidden inside of a 2nd gen Camaro body. You can just hear the monster screaming and trying to break its chains and move somewhere in France where it can serve as a perfect grocery getter, buying raw milk cheese at the local grocery store.

Second, you should find out how incredibly amazing the story about the making of this car is. The owner got all of the parts from junkyards, and he beams with pride at the fact how easy it was to get all of the parts, from the truck engine with new valve springs to the four 48mm Borg Warner turbos.

Wondering how much power does the car produce? The owner has absolutely no idea! We just this thing very, very much. How about you guys?

Can this build be called a junkyard Bugatti on a Budget with four turbos!? Check it out on the following video.


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