An UPDATE For The GODZILLA! Magnificent Custom LED Taillights For Nissan GT-R R35 From Rowen International!

Nowadays it seems that when you first think of upgrading your car on first plan are coming the lights, right? It’s not surprising, the lights are those which give your car the aggressive look which you think will start talking every moment.

Many lights manufacturers around the world are producing astonishing custom LED lights, and one of the most famous is xLED which has produced LED lights for every car you can imagine, yeah, literally for every car.

To be honest, the Nissan GT-R needed this update desperately, its competitors from Europe are offering this feature since few years ago and the fact that in the next 3 or 4 years we won’t see the new R36, these LED lights will fit the back of the car perfectly.

Who else if it’s not from someone who knows you very well? That happened with the Nissan and it’s not accidentally that the update comes from Rowen International, a Japanese company.

The updated taillights are coming with 130 individual Led lights and larger strips. From the 130 lights, the signal brake lights took 30 from it, the blinkers took 16 (occupying 2 stripes) and the rest are used for the bar in the wing.

And you will agree with us that these LED taillights suit this model on the video without compromising anything of its aggressive look.


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