MAJOR PANIC at The 2015 Detroit Auto Show When Someone ‘Scratched’ SUPER EXPENSIVE Cars!

Maybe the title scared you and you might have thought that there is a fool who can does this stupidity on eminent event like this. But it’s only a joke. It’s more like ‘Dude, Your  Car’, yeah, and that’s the name of the mobile app that changed the faces of the officials at the Detroit Auto Show.

This app is very powerful to change a cars lover mood in just a second. Picture the car, find your friend “favorite” damage and apply it, as simple as that. Next just show the picture to the concerned and track their face expressions, but please don’t do this to passionate car lovers, they will hate you…or even hurt you 🙂

A joke of this kind can pass between friends but if someone used the app at auto show, in our case 2015 Detroit Auto Show and made the officials believe that someone damaged their cars? It’s not funny for them at all.

The reactions are… What can we say? The fact that the guy who pranks them chose quite “cheap” cars such as Audi R8, Maybach, Jaguar speaks on its own. Just watch the video and enjoy the hilarious reactions, how people freak out and how some officials mutter out some “cute” words.


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