MAN GOTTA DEFEND HIMSELF! 50 Caliber Gun on This Highly Customized Jeep is ENOUGH!

When we are thinking and talking about customized vehicles, we have an image of extraordinary looking car, or SUV, with a big ass and very powerful engine under the hood, that can skyrocket you to the stratosphere in a matter of seconds, right? But there are some guys out there who do not settle only for that, but they want to make their vehicle like it came straight out from the Gotham City underground.

Such is an example of this mean looking Starwood Jeep, with a 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 engine under the hood, generating 285 HP that can hit from 0 to 60 in only 8.4 seconds. But the speed and engine power is not the reason why we have decided to present it to you, but its powerful, semi-automatic machine gun, caliber 50, attached on its top.

So, here we have the video of this great looking, military style Jeep that will be a real treat for all those Jeep and NRA fans. Watch the video and see what I’m talking about.


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