ATTACKING the WORLD RECORD TIME…! Mark Berry Advan in R34 Skyline!

In today’s post, we have prepared a really cool video of the great Ozzie pro driver, Mark Berry, trying to a break the world time with his Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R at the motorsport circuit in Eastern Creek Raceway, near Sidney. So get ready for really exiting four minutes in which Mark is showing us what it takes to try to be the best.

Mark Berry is a guy who has long time relationship with Nissan GT-R and is probably one of the few pro drivers who has every right to try to beat the world record with awesome Nissan Skyline R34. For many years he has been driving the R32 GT-R, and from 2007 he switched to R34 and ran many legendary races.

The video that you are about to see is from 2010, when Mark challenged the world time in the abovementioned circuit and almost got it. I know that almost does not count, but yet, it is a great video that will be worth for your time. Enjoy it and good luck trying to understand him what he has to say about it.


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