Just when one thinks that he has seen it all, and there is nothing much out there left that can surprise you, a video like this one comes and Boom – it gets you out of your shoes as you are watching it. What we have here is Bobcat S130 Skid-Steer Loader, which is considered to be one of the construction machines that is most accessible, and therefore, some would call it one big toy for adults, to play in the sand box.

But it is one thing to have it and get an access to it, and completely another one to be able to operate with it as true master. And when we are talking about masters, I do not think that anyone fits better in that description than the guy that you are about to see in the video bellow. When you only think about how difficult and challenging is to maintain balance with this vehicle on its front wheels, but that is only the beginning of our hero’s performance. And I do not want to bother you with many unnecessary words, so just watch the video and see he climbs the Bobcat into the dump truck’s cradle. Really amazing skills!


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