McLaren 12C GT Sprint!

McLaren 12C GT Sprint
McLaren GT has a plan to upgrade even more the high performance of the 12C. The new version is named the 12C GT Sprint. The latest GT will have enhanced handling through, which wil be performed through optimised track focus and aerodynamics.

What is awesome about this model is the continuation of job done for the 12C model. The 12C is track-only model. The new version will be dapted to drive both road and track. It will definitely outrace the 12C GT and 12C GT3 Can-Am Edition models. The team at McLaren GT decided to keep some features of the 12C road car unique systems.

The MonoCell chassis is made of lightweight carbon fibre. The car features systems such as Brake Steer and the McLaren Airbrake and ProActive Chassis Control (PCC). The latest McLaren GT will definitely produce more track-focused GT racing experience, but it will definitely stick to the balance easily obtained in the road car.

Under the hood, there is an optimised 3.8-litre twin turbo engine with a specific oil system. It delivers 625PS. The cooling system consists of 12C GT3 developed central front radiator. There is seven-speed twin clutch gearbox.

There are some optimised aerodynamic and cooling upgrades. The front bumper is more aggressive. There is GT3-inspired bonnet with front wing louvers, radiator exit ducts, track-focused braking system featuring carbon ceramic brake discs, on-board air jacking system and 19-inch OZ wheels.

Interior-wise, the McLaren 12C GT Sprint is equipped with integrated fire extinguisher system and FIA-approved rollcage. The lightweight composite racing seats obtain optimum driving position. There is a light version of an air-conditioning system which gives plenty of oomph.


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