Meet The Experimental SOVIET BOMBER Project Bartini A-57 ABLE TO TAKE-OFF AND LAND ON WATER That Was Once Kept As A TOP SECRET!!!

The man that is behind the secret Soviet Bomber project, is not a Russian. Some would think that behind this top secret project the Russians would have a Russian mastermind, but it turns out that this man is Italian.

The Russians knew that it was very hard to reach to continental USA, because the range of the Russian planes was short. So they came up with a genius solution that solves all this. They made an aircraft that can actually land on the water without a problem, and then refuel the tanks from the submarines that are carrying the fuel. The name of this project was Bartini A-57.

Then the journey of the aircraft can be continued and the target would be reached. There was only one problem with the designer, he was Italian. Stalin didn’t have much trust in him, and maybe he had a reason for that. When the designer was young, he was fighting against Mussolini, and after the growth of Germany’s leader, he fled to Russia to hide himself.

The other Russian designers had a problem with him too, because maybe they were jealous of his talent. You need to watch the full video in order to understand what we are talking about here.


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