Unbelievable, this flying creature is the world biggest helicopter ever produced with single, eight-blade rotor! He is even scary for watching not to mention the fact if you need to be present at the vary landing or leaving the ground, he would shake you to the bones!

He is one giant beasty flying creature and put in military role he is deadly weapon! For the first time the idea for this giant helicopter was born in the 70s designated as “Project 90”, later renamed as Mi-26. He’s ancestor was Mi-6, until the Mi-26 was produced he was the heavy lifter in the helicopter class, yeah, he was able to move 29,000lbs military equipment previously delivered by another flying giant, the Antonov An-22.

And what do you think, from where are the origins of this flying titan? Russia ladies and gentlemen, Russia! The first Mi-26 was finished in 1972, and the first production helicopter was rolled-out in 1980 and the development finished in 1983. Since 1985 the Mi-26 is in the Soviet/Russian military service.

The Mi-26 is designed with single, eight blade rotor and two engines. Thanks to the load share power the Mi-26 can fly even with one engine off, of course it depends on the load that he is caring. Just have a comparable how big he is, the secondary tail rotor is same as big as the MD 500 main rotor! SO, it isn’t a miracle that he can lift an enormous weight of 44,000lbs and all that thanks to the split torque, non-planetary gear box which accumulates 19,725SHP!

This giant flying creature, Mi-26 holds the world record of air lifts, on 2,000 meters he lifted weight of 56,768.8kg! Just watch the video bellow and everything would be clear!


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